Your go-to team for wealth and health management

For the Legal Community

We work closely with estate planners and probate attorneys to provide the level of fiduciary service they want for their clients in the following areas: Trustee, Conservator/Guardianship of the Estate, Power of Attorney, Consultant, Life Insurance Trusts.

For the Financial Community

We work closely with money managers and bank trust departments to consult, manage and monetize their clients' assets.

For Families

We manage the affairs, both financial and personal, of vulnerable family members. Our assistance with their health or money issues and with day-to-day decision making can be invaluable.

Expert, personalized, competent, trusted care

LA Fiduciary Partners, LLC


“Mike Seibert has the character, skills and tenacity required of a top flight fiduciary.  As a client-focused service provider, Michael also has the necessary people skills to deal with complex and oftentimes difficult financial arrangements.”

R. Rudolph Reinfrank, Managing General Partner, Riverford Partners, LLC.

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